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“I am very proud to present you ZEUS.

You want a new design ?
In Janvier 2016 , my friend Kaser (Phil Alves) had created a pretty 3D design for a box, with his agreement I took over the lines who represents the future.

You want a real innovation ?
After The Allen (2015/2016) which was the first woodbox with the « squeezer system » (named SSC), I decided to go further by offering you a capacitive touch sense. It work with gloves, if you have cold hands .The capacitive switch is very reactive, more reactive than with a normal button, the detection of your skin is done slightly before you put your finger on it.

Zeus combines new technology and modern/futuristic design.

There isn’t no faceplate on the Zeus, and uses 20700 (18650 coming soon) battery with a DNA60 + USB. the screen is protected by a tinted window. Switchs and Screen are flush.
As usual customization is possible.

this mod demanded a lot of time for reflection and testing.

For more informations, contact me.”