Vicious Ant has been around for a long time in a industry. In an industry that evolves so fast its really hard to stay relevant or even stay around. Most go out of business or just disappear into the void. Vicious Ant has been putting the Philippines on the map for vaping  since the Kraken RBA genesis atomizer to the the Variant Mod. They have recently released The Duke Mod tribute of there evolution throughout the years in business. Following that they are releasing The Duke SX Stabwood, following and fulfilling the popular trends of stabilized custom wood mods.   We had a chance to have a closer look.

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  • 47mm x 26mm x 78/88mm height
  • Self-adjusting positive pin
  • Large soft click buttons
  • SX350J V2 Mini Processor Programmed By Vicious Ant
  • T7 aluminum frames L -frame
  • Stabliazed Hybrid Wood Imported from Amierca
  • Hand Polished and finished
  • Stainless steel emblem
  • Threaded battery caps with copper contacts
  • Will be Serialized

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