What is Vaping?

To many this may seem like a completely stark question that has no other answer than the obvious: Cigarette substitute. At VapeSnob we know that it’s not that simple and I’m here to tell you why. By asking the question, “What is vaping” I’m asking what is vaping literally and figuratively?

Vaping put simply is the inhale and exhale of vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. If you’re reading this, chances are high that you own one of these devices or are doing your research about some devices and what this relatively new thing called vaping is.

Vaping to me and many other people who have been involved for a while is many things such as: a lifestyle, a living, a passion, and a hobby. It’s amazing that we have come so far in just a few years that a simple solution for getting off of cigarettes has created such a passion driven entity. For us, vaping is something that helps us deal with life, it’s something you can come home to and watch your favorite YouTube reviewer, something you can deal with some stress by rebuilding your atomizer, and/or something that you can develop new relationships across the world and in your community.

When do you ever remember going to your favorite tobacco store and seeing multiple people you knew hanging out and having good conversation and fun discussing the next big cigarette coming out? Unless you’re an exception I’m going to guess that this never happened, you were in and you were out. I don’t know about you, but when was the last time you had an encounter walking down a street and saw someone smoking and held up your cigarette to form a friendly bond instantly? These are all things that happen right in front of us all the time because of this thing we call vaping.


“What juice is that?” How many times have you been asked this or asked this question yourself? Juice is what many people refer to E-Liquid as, and rightfully so. This isn’t just some random blend of chemicals that someone put together to make something hopefully taste good, this is hard work. We are at the point in vaping that making a juice is becoming a real skill. People are taking into account all kinds of things when trying to make a juice that many people will enjoy. We are past the time where someone put a grape extract into a bottle and topped it off with some nicotine and PG or VG. We have people quitting their normal jobs to make something delicious. An analogy I’ve personally used for a long time is: You eat steak, you drink coke, but what do you vape? This is uncharted territory, people are making flavors that you vape! Not just copying their favorite mixed drink, but making whole new combinations of flavors that taste amazing when vaporized.

People who like working with machines, metal, wood, and just generally being hands on are loving vaping. They get to bring their talent whatever it might be and apply it to vaping and make something for themselves or others that is mindblowing. New designs, new shapes, new functions, new materials, all to be used for a vaping device. These people are the flip side of the same coin, they love vaping so much that they may quit their job in order to fulfill a true passion of making something brand new. You’ve got real artists bringing their craft to the table to be judged and had by everyone possible.


Hopefully I’ve given you something to think about in the future when you hear the term vaping and understand to a better degree what people are fighting for. We have one word that represents a whole livelihood and all different manners describing people all over the world just wanting to come together to get off of cigarettes and have some fun with it. Feel free to comment what the word vaping means to you and how it has changed your life other than just getting off of cigarettes.