• 2 post dripper/tank
  • Juice Reservoir
  • Interchangeable drip tips/tops
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Peek Insulator
  • Top Airflow
  • Single and Dual Coil Modes



    This is another atomizer you’ve probably seen around but never knew many details on it. That’s why I’m here for you! The Captivape Premier is not only an ultra compact tank, it is a very well functioning dripper. If you’re familiar with the Avocado, this was the flavor, smaller predecessor to the Avocado except designed better. The Premier atty has 6 juice holes in the deck. Two of the holes are used for your cotton, the other four got your back incase you over drip. Inversely, you can choose to run this as a tank and redo your wicks and just use the extra holes to fill the tank section. If wicked correctly, it will only leak if you turn it completely upside down. Otherwise, I have left this in my pocket for multiple hours in the car without having any liquid in my pants after removing.   

    I like this atty because you can have a warm, fairly airy draw with single coil or a dual coil. On any of my boxes, this little guy looks great because it’s just so small. I run this consecutively with 10w 26g 3mm and love the flavor, love the warmth, and with the sides of my wicks going down two opposing holes, no leaking. If you end up using this as a tank, you might find yourself dripping/refilling a little more frequently than you may be used to. I don’t mind this because of the convenience and size that comes with the Premier. In the end, you end up dripping less than you would with any other dripper and you refill more frequently than you would using any other tank. I will quickly add that building a single coil in the middle of the posts isn’t the easiest. However, just like anything, you get used to it after you build a few times.

    The only flaws with this atty that I can think of would have to be the level of difficulty removing the tank section when I want to clean. I feel like the tolerances are a little off for the price point of this atomizer. When I first unpacked the Premier I noticed that the machining was a little subpar. There were little flakes of metal around the screws, and I almost broke my tank trying to get it off, even after it had juice in it.


Should you buy it?

    For the price point of $150, this is definitely not an atomizer you pick up without thinking about it. Honestly, the best trait is absolutely the aesthetics. It’s small, you have multiple options with top caps, airflow rings to come, and many wicking options.

Captivape2 Captivape4 Captivape3