Dimensions: 35mm * 22mm * 56mm
Min Resistance: 0.2ohm
Rubberized Coating similar to VaporShark with carbon fiber wrap
3 Modes: Soft, Standard, Hard all displayed on screen below wattage
Micro-USB Charging
Colors- Black, Gunmetal, red


Ok guys, we all know this is super small, but how small? It’s holy s*** small guys and gals. No matter how small I tell you it is, you will not truly appreciate the size until you hold one, that’s a fact. I used this on a .5 at 40w and got about ~3 hours out of it, not exactly what I was hoping for. I then ran it with a 1.0ohm coil at 40w and needless to say, I was further disappointed with the roughly 2 hours that I got from it. This thing will not last you all day or even near all day. It is advertised to charge in 3 hours with the cord provided, but when I charged it, it took a little over 2 hours from almost dead. For the second charge I used a 2amp speed charger from a Samsung device, it charged much faster. As far as functionality, this device works. The screen is very nice, it displays resistance, wattage, a battery meter, and what mode you are running it in. The Mini Volt is an ideal pocket vape, it goes into what I call shutdown mode after 10min, then requires 5 clicks of the fire button to get it started again which is nice.

IMG_5489                                    IMG_5494

Should you buy it?
This device isn’t for everyone by any means. I would only buy this if you already have something that uses around 25-35w of power, just because the 40w usage drains battery too fast in my opinion. The small size is cool, but if you don’t have need for something this small, then I wouldn’t but it. The buying condition is: If you need small, and you like 40w, then this is a must buy for you.