Flavors profiles: Strawberry, Tobacco, Vanilla, Cream

Bottle Size/Bottle Type:  Glass with Childproof Dripper Cap


Atomizer Type Recommendation: We would recommend any type of atomizer for this E-Juice.


E-Juice Review:

Screwbacco comes in the standard 30ml glass bottle with a dripper but the label really makes this bottle stand out. The word “Screwbacco” is in white and sits on top of a red background. That with the minimalist white background is very reminiscent of the Supreme clothing line.

If it’s any indication of the quality of Screwbacco, I have been tearing through this juice at a violent rate. The combination of strawberry and tobacco is unexpected and that’s a big reason why I like it so much. Screwbacco is very different from most of what’s out right now, and very very different from what Steam Factory normally puts out.  

While you may typically prefer a genny, this juice is a little bit more enjoyable on cotton. The cotton brings out a sweetness that really ties the whole thing together. The juice is still very great in a genny but the subdued sweetness doesn’t quite let this juice shine the way cotton does.

Inhale: The strawberry is very apparent on the inhale while the tobacco takes a noticeable back seat. While you can taste the tobacco it serves as more of an earthy backdrop to the strawberry than as a driving flavor. But it’s this simple twist on strawberry that pulls you in.
Exhale: The exhale is where the tobacco shines a bit brighter. It becomes more noticeable while still serving as a pedestal to lift up the strawberry. This juice is not a tobacco flavor, it is a fruit that happens to have some tobacco in it.

I really enjoyed this juice and it will definitely be hard to keep on shelves. Coil gunk seems to be very mild which is surprising for a tobacco flavor. Steam Factory is really on point with this and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something interesting. Be on the lookout for this on FB and in your local shops.  



PROSSolid tobacco flavorSweeter on Tanks and RDA's
CONSNo batch number on packaging
8.5Vape Snob Approved
Reader Rating 26 Votes