Flavors profiles: Savory Chocolate finished with hints of sweetness.

Bottle Size/Bottle Type:  Glass with Childproof Dripper Cap

70vg/30pg Ratio


Atomizer Type Recommendation:  Origen v3(RDA), M-Atty(RDA)

Great Pairings With: Coffee

By my last day at Vape Summit I was worn out. I had tried what seemed like an infinite pantheon of juice (most of it garbage), and despite all the cool people I had met and amazing experiences I had, I just wanted to go home. The last thing I wanted on my way out was to be presented with a chocolate juice to try, so of course that’s what happened. I hate chocolate juice, it always tastes like chemicals that resemble chocolate just enough to piss me off a little. But the masochist that I am, I decided to try it. And I could not have been more pleasantly surprised.


The packaging for Bon-Bons is somewhat basic. It resembles a tincture bottle that you might find in a Whole Foods. With an unassuming label, black lettering against a white label with a trim that resembles milk chocolate. The bottle has a child safety cap and the obligatory warning label, nic strength, and batch number are off to the sides.


I have vaped this in 2 different attys and both were delightful experiences. First hit was in the M atty. And the second was in a subtank. The subtank definitely had some muted flavor compared to the M (no surprise) but it was delightful in both. The flavor profile seems to shift depending on draw.

Inhale: With a tight draw, my preferred way to vape Bon-Bons, the sweet chocolate seems to have a sharp and pronounced presence on the inhale. With a more open draw the chocolate becomes a little bit less sharp with some of its sweetness diminishing.

Exhale: The exhale presents a light hazelnut undertone that rounds out the chocolate in the most delightful way. However, the hazelnut on the exhale is much more pronounced and there seems to be some notes of almond that pop up.


The aroma comes very close to the smell given off by hot chocolate and is completely non-offensive. I feel like this juice is best vaped while relaxing at the end of the day. It feels more like a treat than something to get me through the day. That being said, you could easily use this as an all day vape. I could not be more pleased that someone actually made a good chocolate. And judging from the amount of failed attempts out there, this cannot have been an easy task.


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Fonte - Bon Bon
Rich Strong Flavor Enjoyable Chocolate Flavor
Might Not Be For Everyone
0.8Overall Score
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