Half inch drip tip
Standard 510 connection
Copper screw
Gold plated bridge post
Gold plated steel clamps
Hybrid safe
Peek insulators


Based on the pictures, you can clearly tell this atomizer is for clouds bro, clouds. First off, I really like the name. Goon is not a cute lovable word, but more of a grungy, slow rolling, single syllable meaty word. So when looking at this beast of an atomizer you can see the embodiment of these characteristics. Sitting in at 24mm this thing is meant to handle some serious coils. Not only is the build space prodigious, but the post ‘holes’ have almost no limits themselves. This clamp down design is genius, and to my knowledge only being utilized in one other atomizer, the illusive M-atty. To support your massive custom coils the Goon is equipped with massive adjustable air holes. Taking the Goon for a spin I immediately noticed two things. The draw is remarkable knowing how much space is in there, and when built, the deck is very easy on the eyes. After using it, I noticed that the removable top cap isn’t as removable as I would hope. After lubing up the o-rings, it can be removed much easier, but there just isn’t much to get a grip on, so I generally just take off the full cap. I wouldn’t say that the drip well is deep, but it is certainly not shallow. The Goon is aesthetically appealing on all the mods I sat it on, which is a definite plus. The Goon sports a nice logo that isn’t over the top and ‘528 Custom Vapes’ engraved on the top cap. This is a nice touch. I am worried that the bars used to hold down the wire will eventually get too bent and need to be replaced, but on their site, 528 Customs seems to be prepared for this stating: Positive and Negative bridges are easily replaceable.

Should you buy it?
Do you like building/buying crazy ass coils? Do you like metric tons of airflow? Do you like 24mm atomizers? If you answered yes to the first two questions, then this is probably the atomizer you need. I will do a bit of comparison to the Twisted Messes in an upcoming review, but as of now, this atomizer takes the cake. Price point sitting at ~$60, you can’t go wrong with this even if you like regular coils. Bottom line, very solid piece of work and definitely one of the most innovative.