It’s been another minute. Life has been hectic these past few weeks here after Hurricane Harvey. The Vape Snob staff stayed bunkered down in Houston, and we rode out the storm.

But before the storm, I received a few packages here and there. So I’ve taken advantage of the time Harvey gave me to put in some more work to getting out some more content for y’ll awesome snobs out there.

But now to what this post is about. We have 1271 by Marco Polo Vape Co (FaceBook Link) on deck, so let’s get to it!

Opening the package the packaging immediately caught my eye. It reminds me of packaging from possibly a cologne or perfume brand, It is very simple and elegant. I’ve managed to not throw away one of the boxes because I love the look that much.

So now…the flavor profile is an awesome way to wrap up your summer. It’s so refreshing to drip or fill in a tank. Black currant, lychee, mango… just these three fruits had me saying “Why didn’t I open this sooner? I’ve gotta do something with this juice for the blog. I want people to know about it.” Now with black currant profiles. The many that I have tried have had the black currant over power anything else that is mentioned, but with 1271… I just have to say. All the flavors are very well balanced with each other none too over powering.

Do you buy it? I would definitely tell you yes if you were to ask me. After working on this, I’m finding myself needing to refill again. Not sure still? If you’re looking for some kind of number rating today, that’s not here. (I lied, theres a rating at the bottom of this)




p.s. If I had to give it a number…you can just call it a 9/10.