The Crown Juul

How I felt
Gather ‘round, I present to you the Crown Juul! Not really, rather, it’s the new new for affordable beginner pickups. Jumping right to it! The Juul certainly has style, class, and the right amount of curious aesthetics that make it not only an ‘E-Cig’, but maybe an accessory piece. Let’s be honest, you’re on Vape Snob right now, you want to know if this thing works as good as it looks. Maybe it’s something to put in the back pocket for a night on the town?

What is Le Juul?
The Juul is small, making it extremely portable. The automatic ‘draw detection’ much like the Blu E-Cig of the past makes it super convenient to use on the fly. When using this device, I feel like the automatic draw detection is right on point with what I expected from a cigarette. Since this is the most raw form of an E-Cig, it’s obviously not going to throat punch you with its ‘clouds bruh’. Let’s keep in mind this is still a starter level device, that is not necessarily anything new other than good packaging and some added convenience.

When you receive a Juul or go into your vape shop, the packaging is undoubtedly going to catch your eye. Standard white minimalist packaging is all the rage, and rightly so as it conveys a futuristic look. Situated on this modern packaging is a taunting vertical rectangle with a single dot LED and a diamond shaped juice window. You can’t walk by it without verbally asking what is that.. you just can’t. Once inside the box, you’ll notice the Juul pods, the ‘tanks’ that hold the juice. These aren’t regular tanks boys and girls! These are color coded, plug and play flavor packets for your E-Cig! Oh, and a charger is included. Cue Billy Mays…BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! This isn’t a regular charger, it is more of what cell phone companies and other electronic companies have been pumping out recently, it’s a dock. The Juul comes with a dock that you just plug in via USB to your computer and stand the Juul up-right in the dock and wait for it to be charged.

Fruut– This is a very fair flavor name. If you have used any of these small ‘introductory’ E-Cigs before, you know that there isn’t a micro kayfun in there pumping out exotic flavor notes like some kind of fine wine. Juul was smart in just alluding to the fact that this is a fruit flavor. Fruut is mildly sweet, certainly not overbearing in my eyes and has a distinct fruit taste.

Tabacc– Everyone wants that tobacco that’s going to magically catapult them back to the ‘good ole days’ and bring back those early morning on a porch with coffee. Guess what…this isn’t it. Big shocker I know, crazy that we would expect such from a product such as this. That being said, it’s not too awfully bad. It has that semi harsh ‘raspiness’ that you get with any tobacco flavor not crafted by a skilled juice maker.

Miint– Come on, what do you honestly expect here? Am I going to describe a delightful melody of subtle wisps of peppermint followed by a dollop of sweet cream blended together to make the perfect buttercream mint? No. Folks, this is mint. It’s slightly sweet and definitely minty.

Bruule– I’ve had some creme brulee in my life and this absolutely did NOT remind me of any of those experiences. This flavor comes at you with a sweetish note and then nicotine spice. It’s not even that pleasant. Maybe if you’re drinking and you don’t want to waste your favorite pod, throw this in there for the throat hit and nicotine.

Would I recommend this? Sure, why not? I recommend it on a couple different platforms:
It looks badass
The Juul is innovative with the ‘Plug and Play’ pods, meaning no matter who you are, switching is easier than unscrewing a head and screwing another one back on
Price. It’s cheap and like I mentioned before, pretty much perfect to take out on an all nighter with you as a backup or if you like high nic.
The Juul by no means is going to replace anything an avid vaper owns, this is a product you get just to have and use whenever you feel like it and turn some heads.


Juul Starter Kit
-ProsSmallVisually AppealingConvenient
ConsFlavorsJuice Pods not large enough
7Overall Score
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