Flavor profiles: Mango and tapioca boba

Bottle Size/Bottle Type:  Glass with Childproof Dripper Cap available in 120 and 30 ML bottle


Atomizer Type Recommendation: We would recommend Cotton atomizer for this E-Juice.

“Holy fuck, that’s amazing!” says my friend as I let her try some of my Manggo Boba. That pretty much sums up my first thoughts on this juice as well. Mango Boba is, as its name would suggest, a mango boba tea. This is the third juice from the people who brought us Jazzy Boba and Dewwy Boba so it should come as no surprise that this juice is absolutely delightful!
The juice comes in the standard glass bottle with an eye dropper, clear glass to let the orange hue of the juice show through. The label is a somewhat stylized picture of some mango boba tea. As boring as this may sound, it somehow blends very well with the juice in the bottle. They take care to put the nic strength in an easy to find and readable spot (if you know the struggle of stocking juice at a shop this you know this is a god send), and the warning label is displayed off to the side. My only disappointment is the lack of a batch number. Altogether, while the packaging isn’t the flashiest thing I have ever seen, it maintains appeal.
The Flavor: The flavor profile is pretty straight forward. This is a mango flavor with a creamy backdrop meant to give the feel of tapioca balls. They really hit the mark with this. While it’s not really possible for the texture experience to translate through vape, that’s not really something I can fault them for. This is a really interesting take on mango and it’s absolutely delicious.

The Build: I’ve been vaping this juice on a dripper built around 1.2 ohms. While this juice is certainly enjoyable on mesh, cotton is really the way to go with this one. I like to keep my wattage between 35 and 45 because it brings out a nice warmth that seems to really complement the flavor.
The Inhale: This is where you’re going to get that really juicy mango flavor that sets off your taste buds. Just the right amount of sweetness to make the flavor pop but not so much that it drowns out the flavor (if you plan on making a mango flavor, take note).
The Exhale: The creamy tapioca makes itself known here. It’s a nice backdrop that brings this flavor to a really relaxing place.
I highly recommend this juice to anyone looking for a nonstandard fruity flavor. The taste is absolutely on point. There is no excessive gunk or build up. My one warning is, that while the smell very pleasant, is very strong. I actually like this but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re going to be vaping indoors. I feel like this juice is a solid 8. Very delicious and something I really enjoy.


Mango Boba
Great Mango Flavor
No Batch Number
8Overall Score
Reader Rating 5 Votes