Flavor profiles: Milk, Condensed Milk, Cream
Bottle Size/Bottle Type: Glass with Childproof Dripper Cap available in 0, 3, 6 nicotine in a 30 ML bottle
Atomizer Type Recommendation: We would recommend any type of atomizer for this E-Juice.

E-Juice Review:
MYLK Original brought to you by Brewell Vapory has been raved by many vapors. The label is appealing with a simplistic red milk bottles. The bottle packaging includes all the warning labels, nicotine, ingredients, even their websites, but no batch numbers. I am really pleased with the bottle packaging for being simplistic while hitting all the points I look for in juice packaging. The first time I tried Mylk Original juice was from a mutual friend who claimed that this was the best condensed milk flavor he ever had. The flavor profile is very straightforward, but does have complexity to it having a mixture of milk and condensed milk. I really tried hard to like this juice flavor as I am a big fan of condensed milk, from vaping similar flavor profile to having condensed milk in my vietnamese coffee. I do get the milk and sweet condensed milk from the juice with a smooth creamy vape. Maybe it’s just me, but the cheesy aftertaste throws me off. Regardless, I continued to vape Mylk and with each vape, the aftertaste slowly goes away. It is new, different, and perhaps my tongue palate wasn’t expecting this flavor.


How I’m Vaping:
I am vaping Mylk Original on my M-Atty at a warm vape reading at .8 oms around 30 watts.

Inhale: I think the inhale has to be my favorite part, you can really taste the sweetness from the condensed milk flavor that you can’t get with some juices. The inhale is very smooth and creamy which I really enjoyed.

Exhale: On the exhale, there is a milk flavor that has a very subtle sweetness to it. The creaminess is apparent from the vape. There is just an in-explainable flavor that I was not expecting.

Mylk Original is raved by many and there are a lot of vapors that enjoy Mylk. I think this juice is a hit or miss for some. People who never had condensed milk, this juice might not be for you and might not understand the complexity of the flavor profile. Overall, Mylk was a miss for me, but is worth a try.

MYLK Original
CONSUnfamiliar Aftertaste
6Nice Try
Reader Rating 17 Votes