• Diameter: 16m
  • Height: 32mm
  • Weight: 20gr
  • Capacity: 1.5ml
  • Single Coil
  • Airflow control:
    • 1.2mm
    • 1.5mm
    • 2.0mm
    • 2.5mm

Origen Tiny1


    We are all familiar with Norbert, he’s made multiple tank atomizers that have really been at the top every time. So now we have the Origen tiny tank. It is indeed tiny, there is no mistaken that detail. I don’t really know what to put it on it so small. Right now I’m running it on a mini volt, because it’s the smallest mod that I have. It seems right that it go on something as small in relation. Now to how it functions. I have tried 3 different builds:

  • 30g 7 wrap 2.5mm
  • 28g 7 wrap 2.5mm
  • 26g 8 wrap 3mm

Out of these builds, the 26g 8wrap 3mm build seemed to function best for me. I say this because the Tiny tank works on a gravity fed system. If the atomizer sits too long this system will cause the deck reservoir will become over filled. I found that with the builds that didn’t heat up as fast, my vapor production was low due to the excess of liquid sitting in the deck. As small as this thing is, it’s not really that pocket friendly. If this thing goes in your pocket, the deck will continue to fill and if it gets turned in a way that the hole is facing downward, you will end up with a lot of juice in your pocket. Trust me. If you turn the airflow ‘off’, you could possibly get away with storing it in your pocket for short amounts of time, but definitely not an all day kinda thing. Another option is to pack the back of the chamber under the juice ports with cotton. This can reduce the amount of juice that is ‘pooled’ up in the chamber, thus decrease leaking possibilities. Flavor is represented well since the chamber size is so small and the multiple ways you can adjust the airflow. I think this is what I would like to call a desk atomizer. It is great to vape on continuously, and refill when needed. Speaking of, refilling could be considered a task since you must unscrew one of the plugs, fill, then screw the plug back in. Doing this on the fly is almost a no-go situation. This thing will drink juice, so refilling is something that you must think of before you go out expecting not to run out of juice.


Should you buy it?

    I don’t really know the optimal conditions for this atomizer to be used in. It seems like it is almost a novelty atomizer. The vape is very good, much like any higher end tank it, I just don’t know if it’s worth the hassles like refilling, carrying, and keeping the deck from getting over saturated. I would use this at a vape show, somewhere that I can vape freely and can keep an eye on the tank and refill conveniently.

Origen Tiny4Origen Tiny2