Abstract Vape – Ross Wareham

We all know about the JWraps stands and all of the countless other mod stands on the market, but where can a vaper like me, who is looking for something a little more high end and tailor made, supposed to turn to? Well, one great choice I’m about to show you is not really a choice per se because, as Burger King says, you can “have it your way”. The Abstact Vape Stands are beautiful, custom handcrafted mod stands that the creator, Ross Wareham, can be customized to fit your exact needs. Want a stand strictly to fit your 5 Elite V2s? Abstract Vape can make it happen. Need a tester stand for 90 flavors? They can make it happen. Or do you just want a simple stand that fits anything and everything? Ross Wareham and his company have you covered.

IMG_8528True to their company name, this particular stand we have for review has an abstract shape, fits anything we need it to, and just look at the wood! MMMM!


As you can see, the wood is gorgeous and if you happen to have a lot of natural wood box mods, this will compliment them nicely. This stand is made from an African hardwood called Iroko and would retail at around €140 (roughly $159). The slots for box mods are generic in size in order to fit any box mod you throw at it. Whether it’s a standard 20 c-frame like a Zero Xtreme, a rectangular box like a Twotonian, or something a bit different like a Geora, most box mods should fit in these slots. You can even customize the box mod slots for specific mods such as 665a Vaporflask or a Dunamis. These slots are flocked, which, according to the creator, is a process whereby micro fleece particles are adhered to the wood to prevent scratches. This flocking process results in a lining that is very durable and is smooth to the touch, so your mods can stay as sexy as possible. You are not just stuck with red either, any color is possible and you can have every hole on the stand flocked as well.

IMG_8536You can see the red flocking peeking out right where that Gepetto Flo is sitting pretty. The base of the atomizer holes feature this as well. We opted for black on the atomizer holes.

The holes on the stand are also multi-functional, allowing you to use them to hold anything from atomizers, tube mods, juice bottles, batteries, or whatever you feel like using them for. The holes for tube mods can also holed 10mL bottles and 22mm atomizers, while the 26650 tube holes can fit 30mL bottles, 30mm atomizers, etc. They are just so absurdly versatile and the amount of customizability combined with the quality is, quite frankly, mind-blowing. The creator even went so far as to drill the drip tip holes extra deep so you can hold precision screwdrivers in them. For our stand’s atomizer holes, we opted to have them on the “roof” portion of the stand to keep our precious M-Attys and Nextgens safe, while allowing a good amount of space to rebuild them on.

IMG_8522All of our beloved atomizers, protected yet put on display. Absolutely wonderful.

So how exactly is Ross Wareham and Abstract Vape able to produce stands that are of this quality and completely customizable? Well, according to Ross, he worked as a tree surgeon for a great number of years and along his journey, he acquired a lot of nice pieces of wood along the way. He then started to make a couple of stands for personal use, just to keep his own collection tidy. Sooner or later, a few friends asked for their own stands and that’s when things got started. Unfortunately after a long time of working as a tree surgeon, Ross’ back gave out on him and he switched to making stands full time. Abstract Vape was born, and now, the community has a great high end, tailor made option for their mod stands.



 Ross Wareham’s business card. You can also find his business page over at facebook.com/abstractvape


A final beauty shot of our mod stand. As you can see, the “shelves” can fold in as well, creating a profile look that, to me, is reminiscent of an alien (ayy lmao kind, but wider). This is really quite a beautiful stand.



Things don’t just end with what I’ve talked about in this review, however. Most of the work that Ross does is custom and tailored specifically to your exact requirement. You aren’t limited to just the Iroko African hardwood either. According to them, they have a barn full of absolutely stunning wood of a variety of types ranging from Spalted Beech, Irish Yew, Giant Redwood, Walnut, and that’s not even a fraction of the types of exotic woods Abstract Vape has in store. The turnaround time for a custom stand is usually around three to four weeks, but you can check out Ross’ page linked above for stands he has already made or you can visit his website at www.abstractvape.eu. Abstract Vapes doesn’t just make stands either, according to Ross they are working on a bunch of other wooden “goodies” that he would not divulge more information of. So thank y’all for tuning into this review and keep your eyes glue to The Vape Snob for the exclusive drop when it happens!