Flavor profiles: Rose, Floral, Pudding, Vanilla, Custard, Cream

Bottle Size/Bottle Type:  Glass with Childproof Dripper Cap available in 0, 3, 6 nicotine in a 30 ML bottle


Atomizer Type Recommendation: We would recommend any type of atomizer for this E-Juice.

E-Juice Review:

Nolli Designs is well known for their premium quality designs of drip tips. So when Nolli Design released its first ever juice, I had to try it. At first glance, the bottle has a white dripper cap with a soft red label. Looking closely at the packaging, I noticed that the red label is a pattern of a rose pedal, perhaps it was purposely done so as the juice is called rose pudding. Nolli Designs adds two warning descriptions, nicotine level, ingredients and even the company instagram name for a personal touch. It hits all the main points in what I look for in packaging. I have to say that the packaging are beyond my expectations. Without a doubt, the rose pudding juice is quality flavor.

Rose pudding as the name suggest, is what us vape snobs needed, something new and different. The flavor profile seems simple yet hard to capture the rose essence correctly. This juice is not overpowering and is not modest, there is a good balance between the combination. You can definitely taste the pudding’s creaminess with a floral hint. Ever since I got my hands on rose pudding, I have not put this juice down.


How I’m Vaping:

I have tried rose pudding on both the M-Atty and Hurricane tank and the flavor is pretty consistent. I felt like dripping on the M-Atty at .8 ohms was slightly better as I could taste more of the rose floral scent which I surprisingly enjoyed.

Inhale: From the pudding, there is a very light sweetness almost like a creamy vanilla flavor to it, but it has a more milky approach on the inhale.

Exhale: My favorite part would have to be the exhale, this is where the floral rose essence shines. There is also a slight sweetness from the pudding and a subtle rose aroma that isn’t overbearing. With the combination of creamy and floral, the vape gives out a rich and smooth exhale.

Overall, I am pleased with all aspects of rose pudding. From the packaging that was beyond my expectations to the surprisingly well balanced flavor. I have never had a juice profile that has a floral and creamy combination. Rose pudding doesn’t leave my coils gunky, even the scent in the air smells like light floral, which I really appreciate. This juice is easily an everyday vape since the flavor is not on one extreme side of being too overpowering or too basic. I would recommend this to anyone who craves creamy flavors or something unique to vape all day with.


Nolli Designs - Rose Pudding
PROSPackagingUnique Flavor Combination of Rose and Pudding
CONSBatch Number Unavailable
10Vape Snob Approved!
Reader Rating 15 Votes