This isn’t just some fancy package bottle of e-liquid its more of an experience and salivation of pleasure from Eric Scott Swerdloff the creator of Shaman Elixirs.  This is a very rare bottle  if you guys ever, ever, ever do see this bottle its an experience you guys must try as an vaping connoisseur.  Nymphaea Caerulea oil was extracted by master artisan distiller to extracts the essence of the sacred narcotic lily of the nile.

This rare extract “Blue Water Lily” (Nymphaea Caerulea) Its original habitat has been found along the Nile and other locations in the world. In modern culture, blue lotus flowers are used to make various concoctions including blue lotus tea, wine, martinis, and now Eric Scott Swerdloff from Shaman Elixirs has infused it with his handcrafted art with vaping e-liquid. Nymphaea Caerulea recent studies shown it may have is connect to have mild psycho-active properties.

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