22mm Diameter 29mm Height
316 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
3x 2mm airholes
Single or Dual Coil
Adjustable Airflow
2 Post
Large Drip Well
Reduced Chamber
Teflon Drip Tip
Adjustable 510 Connection

This is a dripper, so right out the gate you kinda know what to expect. Now, that aside, there are some cool features to this little guy mentioned in the QuickStats. The Snapdragon is basically the tongue punching flavor version of the Kennedy. It doesn’t have a lot of airflow so I suggest using around 60w max with this thing depending on your build of course. It is worth mentioning that the draw on this is a dream. The drip well makes it possible to go quite a few pulls without having to re-drip if using lower wattages for flavor chasing which is really nice since it’s bottom airflow, leaking isn’t really an issue. This thing is leak resistant, not leak proof, it’s not a tank folks. The drip tip the Snapdragon comes with is really quite perfect, it doesn’t let juice get stuck in it like some tips do and doesn’t get hot since it’s teflon. The Snapdragon really looks good on just about anything really since it’s stainless steel and has a classy look to it.


Should you buy it?
If you like flavor chasing and you want to have a dripper that you don’t feel like it has a large decrease in flavor, this is for you. If you are wanting to run anything lower than 26 gauge wire, I do not suggest this for you because it may be too warm or not have the airflow you are looking for.