Carlos Creation has many new projects going on including his new Premium Collection the Stallion and Cosmic line.

Stallion – focus is to create a luxurious mod but yet having the durability as a daily mod. Wood is classic maple burl,no fancy colours but instead keeping the wood dye strictly to dark tones like black and brown (colours of a stallion fur coat). Wood is prepared to optimum shine with a flawless gloss coat. Frame is coated in Matt black / bronze / white cerakoting to withstand daily usage esp the firing button area. To add a touch of luxurious feel, we mount a solid 18k gold emblem embedded with 2 x vvs diamonds…of course zero is engraved on it.


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COSMIC – Inspired by the natural grains of the box elder wood. The focus is purely on wood in this series. With a splash of dual colour on each colour series, the dual colour creates a depth that mimics the space like environment, the natural “eyes” on the wood turns into little stars and planets. Thus the name COSMIC.

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