New design chip the StarPlat is the development of the Russian engineer. it has the ability to update the firmware and is in demand in the Russian market. More details about board below.

– Output voltage 0 – 9 Volts
– Output Power 0 – 40 Watts
– Atomizer Resistance 0.1 – 5 Ohms
– Dimensions
Hight 23.5 mm
Width 20.5 mm
Thickness 13.5 mm
– Screen size 0.66″
– Interface language
– Reversal protection available
– Coil temperature control (nikel/titan/floating user coefficient)
– Board temperature control (it need much more time to reheat the board then DNA40 or SX350)
– Ability to self-update software (in half a year this board had 6 software updates)
– USB charger (500mA not more) – working on this thing
– Saving settings when changing batteries
– Gyroscopic control in 4 location / 2 additional “Step Up/Step Down” buttons
– Available integrated in chip or imposed USB charger
– Copper non-rigid flexible wires for friendly assemble process


For Modders or Personal Use

Official StarPlat order list

1 chip batch – $70
10 chips batch – $58
50 chips batch – $55
100 chips batch – $49
500+ chips batch – Contact group admins in the facebook group
All 50+ chips batches are to be prepaied equal 50% full batch price
The batch will be ready for shipping in 4-5 weeks (this is max reange of time) after order.
The batch volume is without restrictions now !!!
Have a good day and vape !!!


chips comparison
from left: star plat, sx350j, dani extreme, dna40