Flavor profiles: Taro, Boba, Milk

Bottle Size/Bottle Type:  Glass with Childproof Dripper Cap available in 30ML bottlle.


Boba flavor juices are on the rise so when a new juice company by Boba Vapors has created a Taro Boba flavor, we had to put this to the test. The packaging is all white with simple labels that shows boba cups with warning label and ingredients on the side. Taro is a root that is popular in many Asian desserts and dishes. So it’s no surprise that Taro boba is an actual drink at tapioca shops. The first time I vaped Taro I got a hint of coconut, but it could’ve been because of the milk combination. The vape is creamy and you can really taste the taro. I did not get any boba flavor, but actual tapioca is very light in taste. The aftertaste left a hint of sweet taro. Taro flavor profiles are not my go to or favorite, but it is one of the taro flavor where it doesn’t taste artificial.

How I’m Vaping: The flavors are different between subtank and dripping on the M-Atty. Dripping on the M-Atty with 0.5 ohms at 25 watts brings out the best taste for Taro Boba in my opinion.

Inhale: The inhale produces a creamy almost savory and slightly sweet taste. There is a hint of milky taste.

Exhale: There is an apparent taro flavor that is creamy and can easily be mistaken to have coconut because of the milk combination. The taro flavor is more of the sweet genuine taste while the milk makes the vapor production creamy.

The flavor profile is good but I was hoping to be able to taste the boba. Overall, I liked this juice but this would be more of an occasional vape for me. I would recommend this to those who enjoy drinking taro boba.


Taro Boba - Boba Vapory
PROSUniqueGenuine and Creamy Flavor
CONSBatch Numbers Unavailable
7.5Liked It
Reader Rating 10 Votes