Flavor profiles: Green tea with a hint of jasmine

Bottle Size/Bottle Type:  Glass with Childproof Dripper Cap available in 0, 3, 6 nicotine in a 30 ML bottle

Similar Recommendation: Jazzy Boba, Frisco – Frisco Vapor, Lola – Traditional


From TeaUp Vapory: Jasmine Green is one of the most spot-on green tea e-liquids on the market. Fresh soothing green tea flavor, with a delicious hint of Jasmine. Your authentic green tea vaping experience completed with a Max VG blend.


Atomizer Type Recommendation: We would recommend any type of atomizer for this E-Juice.


E-Juice Review:  I first saw this juice company on Instagram not too long ago and it they caught my attention because why not? It’s a tea flavor and i don’t see too many brands with tea as their main focus. So I had to get my hands on this.  The packaging is pretty neat, it comes packaged in its own box (when you line up three boxes right it forms a nice looking to-go cup with the Tea UP logo on it) with the bottle inside.  The bottle label is simple and clean. Ingredients, warning, and social media are printed on the bottle also, but no batch number is printed. Opening the bottle, the green tea scent is very pleasant and soothing.


How I’m Vaping:  I’m currently running this on my Nextiny with a .9 ohm build at 20 watts, why a genny? Because mesh is awesome #vapedifferent 😉

Inhale: The inhale was just as awesome as when I first opened the bottle, the green tea stands out and it brings memories of eating out on a Sunday morning with friends or family at whatever packed dim sum place we chose or eating dinner at a sushi restaurant sipping on green tea. Nice and crisp.


Exhale: Just as amazing as the inhale reminiscent of how tea taste after taking a sip.  The green tea still prevails but that hint of jasmine is definitely there. There is a subtle sweetness like adding a little sugar to your hot cup of tea.


This is a very chill vape that I plan on keeping in my juice rotation. This will be with me the next time i go out for a meal for a nice after meal vape.  Jasmin Green is a great tea flavor, and I’m glad to have found this. So if you’re looking for or if you’re interested in trying a nice tea flavor this is the one you should try!




Tea UP Vapory : Jasmin Green
pros – Nice Packaging , Great tea flavor cons – no batch number
cons – no batch number
9Overall Score
Reader Rating 2 Votes