Flavor profiles: Nerds Candy, Tart, Fruity
Bottle Size/Bottle Type: Glass with Childproof Dripper Cap available in 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 12 nicotine in a 15 or 30 ML bottle
Atomizer Type Recommendation: We would recommend any type of atomizer for this E-Juice.
E-Juice Review:
Teardrip is an award winning company that is meant for everyday vaping, so I picked up a bottle of “Revenge of the Geeks” at The Vape Summit IV to satisfy my sweet tooth. The packaging shows a frosted white bottle with a childproof dripper cap along with all the warning labels, ingredients, nicotine level, and their information to contact them. Like many juice packaging, the batch number is unavailable, regardless, the label is pretty cool and definitely stands out. It shows “Chuey’s” face which is a mash up of the creators, Danny Redburn’s and Tony Riva’s personalities and looks. On this bottle, Chuey has a purple rose tattoo on his neck to easily identify the flavor profile; Revenge of the Geeks!
Revenge of the Geeks flavor profile is a sweet candy that has a tarty kick to each vape. It is very similar to eating the rainbow nerds candy but with all the individual flavors like the grape, watermelon, strawberry, and sour apple flavors combined into one that ends up being a fruity sweet and tarty flavor. This juice is without a doubt one of the better candy vape out there.

How I’m Vaping:
I have vaped on both a rebuildable subtank and M-Atty. On my subtank build, the sweetness is subtle and the tartiness was more apparent. I prefered dripping on my M-Atty, since the sweetness is more noticeable while still getting the tartiness.

Inhale: There is a noticeable sweetness flavor from the fruity candy. It’s like all the combination of nerds mixed into one and getting all the sweetness from the flavors creating a mouthwatering phenomenon.

Exhale: On the exhale, there is a combination of subtle sweetness from the fruity candy and tartness that is more apparent at the end. Even though the tanginess from the tart is more noticeable, it is not overwhelming and produces a smooth, delightful vape.

I really enjoyed Revenge of the Geeks by Teardrip, it is a solid fruity candy vape that reminds me of eating nerds. Flavor-wise, it captures nerds candy really well and is easily an everyday vape that hasn’t left my coils gunky. I recommend this juice for all you sweet tooth fanatics or who simply enjoys vaping something fun.

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TearDrip - Revenge of the Geeks
PROSGood Candy FlavorEveryday Vape
CONSUnavailable batch number
9Vape Snob Approved!
Reader Rating 12 Votes