Hello everyone, and thank you for joining us at The Vape Snob! Some people reading this may be wonder what exactly The Vape Snob is. Allow us to introduce ourselves:

We are The Vape Snob. A premium lifestyle brand and blog dedicated to high-end vapers. Whether you’re an experienced vaper with an impressive collection or someone starting out that’s curious about the world of high-end mods and premium e-liquids, all are welcome here.

On The Vape Snob you will find pictures of the most beautiful mods and our thoughts on them. You will find interviews with some of the modders responsible for creating these mods and get a look inside of the creative minds that brought these mods to life. You will not find juice reviews; rather, you will find interviews with the makers of juice lines. You will find their stories, and what goes into their juice beyond the VG/PG, flavorings, and nicotine. You will see the collections of some of the most vape-crazy collectors on this planet. You will find our snobby opinions on atomizers, accessories, and more.

The Vape Snob is a window into our style of vaping, into the community that drives vaping forward, and into the world of high-end vapers.

When it comes to vaping, we’re the snobs, and we won’t steer you wrong. Whether you’re a snob joining the party or someone just wanting to learn, welcome! Grab your vape, sit back, and enjoy.


Small Vape Meet ;)