Créavap from France just released photos and information of their new box mod called the Le K. Expanding on their previous design, the Box “Tisonnier”, Créavap brings a new compact and detailed design while maintaining the signature style.

Le K” is a pub in France, where the modder, Jul Naïs, met his significant other and drew inspiration for his current project. The previous design, Le Tisonnier, is equipped with the DNA 40 while the Le K incorporates the SX350J chipset.

Once he decided to use the SX350J chipset, Jul drew inspiration from his beloved, Marie. He wanted to obtain a design that mimics the look of classy, slender liqueur bottles with a calm and harmonious aesthetic. Créavap set out to make a compact design with quality materials and expand on the signature look of Le Tisonnier, which is clearly accomplished with their newly designed Le K.

The Le K is an elegant display of his affection for the special love in his life and his work speaks for itself.


-Stainless steel 316L
-Stabilized or exotic wood.
-Switch made of ebony wood
-SX350J chipset.
– 83/45/26mm
-18650 Battery
-RRP 580€ (638.52 US Dollar)


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