‪Recently Gepetto Box Mods Released sneak peak for whats to come for Gepetto Box Mods fans, collectors, and admirers. Dubbed the name #‎Squaaaad‬ its a bit different shape from their previous work, but why not?
Using a Li-po 1000mAh inside , DNA200 and hybrid wood from AT Matahari. If you guys aren’t using a DNA200 I believe you guys are behind the times… 😉11138578_944303382315893_558628396863690597_n 12301479_944303355649229_703519010442194947_n  12308289_944303502315881_2353601574667704849_n 12316529_944303475649217_6093215962874409518_n 12316657_944303375649227_2716463574657602293_n 12341207_944303398982558_2758347969458762207_n 12341604_944303408982557_2298525153913794587_n 12347588_944303465649218_5360130501397989237_n