Stickman’s Champion range of mods is inspired by motor racing and SuperLeggera which literally translates to super light, evokes speed and lightness of design.
Inspired by these elements, SuperLeggera mods have been designed to be lightweight, employing one of the highest grades of aluminium commonly used in aircraft manufacture which also lends to SuperLeggera mods having relatively high conductivity. Carbon fibre and Kevlar accents are featured in our SuperLeggra line. They are evocative of racing and also beautifully compliment the wood and aluminium elements.
With SuperLeggera, the possibilities are limitless – there are various colours and weave of carbon fibre and Kevlar which can be used to best feature the wood and aluminum.
Stickman is proud to deliver the Champion SuperLeggera series, born from months of designing and user-testing. It not only features a stunning combination of wood, aluminium, kevlar and carbon fibre but it is a mod designed to enhance the user experience.
Here are a few of the special features incorporated into SuperLeggera mods:
1) Use of one of the highest grades (aircraft) aluminium which makes the mod one of the lightest in its class and also gives the mod higher conductivity than SS
2) Water resistant well which ensures that juice does not touch the wood or the chip thus helping to maintain life of both wood and chip
3) A set of Hybrid rings (8 for the GT and 4 for the 18650) designed and made specially by Stickman to provide most atties with a seamless fit to the mod
4) Sunken top cap which allows for air hole to be aligned without there being an unsightly gap between mod and atty 5) Etching of the logo and SN number in place of laser as it provides a deeper and better finish
6) Currently features SX chip but this may change depending on newer technology
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Official release date:
5th September 2015
SuperLeggera Pricing:
SuperLeggera GT – $1230 excluding shipping
SuperLeggera 18650 – $1130 excluding shipping
Shipping: Stickman ships worldwide for $40 per mod