Vapers tend to be very utilitarian and diverse people. Because of this, we tend to keep some interesting shit in our pockets. Whether it’s convenient for vaping, or just generally to make life easier, there’s a method to every item a person carries on them. What people carry with them in their pockets on a daily reflects who they are.

People who are deeply rooted into vaping as a hobby also tend to be deeply rooted in other hobbies as well. I’ve met people through the vaping community who will say “Yeah, I’ve spent a lot on vaping, but not as much as I have on ______,” and you can fill that blank in with anything from knives and guns to tops and other cool pocket trinkets.

Therefore, I’d like to introduce the newest Vape Snob column: Pockets.

Pockets is going to be a weekly post showcasing what vapers tend to carry in their pockets on a daily basis. The goal of Pockets is to show the diversity of vapers and allow vapers to show off what kinda cool shit they carry. We’ll also throw in some links to exact or similar items in case you’d like to add items to your daily arsenal as well!

To kick it off, I’ll start with my own:


I’m a full-time student and a full-time worker, these are some of the things I carry daily.

Mellody Box by LoudCloud Creations topped with the In’ax 16mm by Athea and a Nolli Design drip tip: My daily device, I never leave my home without this set up.
Pen Style Bottle: Filled with whatever juice I’m vaping at the moment, makes it super easy to fill my In’ax on the go.
Apple iPhone 5S w/ OtterBox Commuter Case: I would say this is to keep in touch with my friends and shit, but let’s face it, its main purpose is to refresh Facebook and hope I catch a list
Apple Watch 38mm w/ JETech Watch Band: So I don’t have to pull out my phone every time it goes off when someone posts in the 1,000 vape groups I’m a part of. Had my doubts about this watch, but once I got one I couldn’t go one day without it! Turns out to be very useful.
Kershaw Damascus Knife: I noticed a lot of vapers carried knifes and personally didn’t understand until I personally got one myself. I really love this Damascus one from Kershaw.
Banks Sun by Oliver Peoples: My favorite pair of sunglasses.
• Louis Vuiton zippered card wallet
Kent Folding Comb: To keep my hair suave on the go
Illest Carabiner: to hold my keys
KERO Nomad Charger: A handy little charger that clips into a keychain, so I never run into the problem of not having a charger when my phone is dead when I’m out and about.

Not pictured is my trusty camera, which I carry at all times and is not pictured for obvious reasons (I’m using it).

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