Modders and Mod Collectors seem to have an unusual knack for telling which country a box mod originated from. You ever wonder why that is?  I believe that a mod’s design and creation was inspired by the land it hailed from. The best box mods appear to have noticeable traits representative of their origin I think…or could be a trend of the times?  Let’s examine the list below.  What do you guys think?  We want to hear from you!

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North America: hefty and muscular designs

Top Hat (America)
Lautus Creations (America)

IMG_7761Psyclone Mods (America)



Asia – sporty and compact designs

Stickman (Malaysia)

12039080_765760813569913_8115635577955711248_oCarlos Creations (Malaysia)

11887909_1623601431256410_3835692830595455477_nEstoque Mods (Taiwan)


Europe – curvy and crafty designs

Gepetto Box Mods (Poland)

IMG_9043 G-Reverso (Italy)

IMG_9059 ModDog  (Italy)

IMG_9000 Loud Cloud (Poland)


You Vape Snobs probably have some better examples, from all over the world. What do you guys think? Let’s see what you got! Comment below!

P.S. We would like to thank Andy Chen From the Carlos Creation Team for the photo!